tetotelabo x TERRA








The first tetote labo was held on 10/30!  It was a wonderful day!

Miyako, (who creates vegetable-dyed clothes for a living) and I got together a few times to brainstorm about how we wanted to organize the time and materials for this day.  Participants came both from Misakicho and from surrounding towns and we spent a wonderful day together.  In the morning, everyone got super excited finding a mountain of pieces of vegetable handdyed fabric.

Everyone’s creative juices working, everyone chose fabric while marygolds and avocado pits were on the fire.  so warm and nice smell in the room~

In the morning, we dyed sashiko thread and let it dry in the sun while we ate lunch (we also used hairdryers really!)

Afternoon was creating sewing time.  in Japanese we say chikuchiku, which is supposed to be the sound of the needle going through the cloth I think!

Chikuchiku time was warm and fun, and time was over in no time!  Some people brought homework home, others finished that day!  It was such a great tetotelabo time!  Thank you to everyone who came and especially to Miyako!