tetotelabo: momohiki

ももひきの事。東京に住んでいた時に出会った場所、そこで整体を受けるのに遊びに行ったら、初めて出会ったこのmomohiki。momohikiのワークショップをその時は受けられず、ずっと気になっていたら、岡山に来て、そういえば、momohiki の型紙を作った方は高知県にいるという事を思い出して、会いに行って来ました。

kさんがとても美しい人で、暮らしがとてもシンプルで全てが美しい。薪で火を焚いて、料理をして、材料は畑から。眠くなったら寝て、起きたら起きて、空をいっぱい見て、服について、チクチクについてたくさんお喋りして、たくさんちくちくしました。kさんの持つ空気感を伝えられるか分からないけど、このmomohiki を通して、何か、彼女の持つエネルギーも一緒に伝えることができればと思って、momohikiの知恵、kさんの愛に溢れている生活の事をシェアしたくて、momohikiのワークショップをtetoteで開催する事になりました。



It’s so cold in Japanese houses in the winter. I always warn my family and friends before they visit but they always complain that it’s too cold! It was really minus 2 degrees in the kitchen last winter. That is why I spent most of the winter in my kotatsu. It’s so bad for blood circulation, for the back, for the electricity bill too… but now, I have momohiki I think the way I spend my winters in the house might change. I learned how to make momohiki from Kaori, who lives in Kochi. Everything in her lifestyle is filled with beauty and her philosophy of clothing is beautiful. After learning this momohiki making from her, I really wish to transmit some of her wisdom and beauty to people who want to make momohiki in Okayama.

a momohiki is really just a sweater, upcycled in super warm pants. The shape of the sweater determines the shape of the momohiki in a way. After cutting (which takes a little bit of courage), it is sewn in not so much time. and once worn, it cannot be taken off. really…

we had such a great workshop and almost everyone who came left wearing their momohiki and wanting to make more!!!