dots to dots

My DNA, memee Nana, who was sewing all the time.  My grandma Tino, who knitted sweaters for me, and my mom, who made ridiculous clothes and costumes for us!  About the banana dress, I probably asked her to make that for me, and it was not a costume!

Growing up, my great-grandmother was a seamstress, she also did cross-stitching, my grandmother was always knitting us something, and my mother would make us clothes, sometimes embroidered even~  I guess it was in my blood, I started late, at 20 I think, knitting and then falling in love with all sorts of designs, textures, colors.  I learned to weave and to sew, did many sashiko projects and then I don’t know how, but I called a woman in Kiyose who teaches shiborizome.

I don’t know how to explain things but all along in life I knew there was something I had to do but hadn’t yet found it, and little hints little dots led me to where I arrived.  When I arrived at TANSHOUAN, my teacher’s atelier, I knew I had arrived where I was supposed to be.

I hope to share some of my new passion here.  I am lucky to be in Japan, and to be able to take the train or a car to go visit really amazing places where you can smell and touch indigo, places where, when you come out, you are simply indigo high.




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