Murai sensei

Murai sensei is my teacher.  She is quite amazing.  I love her voice, her energy and the love she has towards her students.

She used to be a preschool teacher but retired early to teach shiborizome.

Her atelier is in Kiyose, near Tokyo.  There, she teaches her students shibori techniques, patiently, one by one.  These techniques eventually become a medium of expression for each of us.

There is something special about being at TANSHOUAN, Murai sensei has all of her students in her mind and heart and she guides us through our shibori life.  Most of the students are women, from 30-70 maybe!  The energy that builds up in that place can sometimes be quite amazing!  There could be someone dyeing, someone sewing, someone drying up their newly dyed cloth, talking, drinking tea, laughing, eating sweets or beans or something!!!

This is the link to Murai sensei’s blog, only in Japanese


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