hatake repo-to 2018

In November 2017, I moved from Tokyo to Yorii, in Saitama prefecture, to have a bigger plot of land for my indigo.  I started growing indigo on a tiny tiny plot near my house in Tokyo.  The year after that, I commuted almost 2 hours out East from my home to a friend’s house with a big yard.

I was quite obsessed with finding a plot of land…  In fact, everywhere I went, the tiniest empty space looked like an opportunity for indigo!!!

Finally, I moved! Yorii is overflowing with unused plots of land!  yeah~  If I had more bodies, I would borrow lots!!!  but for now, my little hatake is perfect.  It is the perfect place for learning, for meditating, sunbathing, sweating, feeling the here and the now.

from seeds, to little seedlings, green leaves, that dry in to blueish leaves, that are composted into black sukumo.

Of course, having a bigger piece of land to grow indigo allows me to have more indigo, but mostly it allows my body to be busy and to be there with the earth, the sun and the plants.

I am full of gratitude for last year’s harvest!  the blue and the experience~